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Communicating Science on Social Media - Revised description of workshop 7

Organizer: Bruno Eleres Soares

Schedule: June 11, 9 am to 12 pm

Description: This workshop is designed to teach you how to create and manage a science communication (SciComm) program using social media. You will learn how to identify the target audience and an adequate editorial strategy to reach them, but also how to create a program that can adapt into your life. We will discuss techniques for creating effective science communication messages to specific audiences, how to choose the best venue for your program (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) and be invited to think on the opportunities and strengths we currently have to reach our SciComm goals. Our workshop will foster an inclusive learning environment that recognizes our particularities as scientists and the different ways we can tackle science communication to reach different people. By planning effective science communication programs in groups, we are able to create a landscape that effectively communicates science to everyone. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your science communication skills and promote a more inclusive scientific education. This workshop is sponsored by CIEE.

What to bring: A fully charged laptop with internet access. Free WiFi will be available. We will use Google Docs and Jamboard using web browsers.

Cost: $20

Maximum number of participants: 20

Interested? Send an email to with a request to register in this workshop.


Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution AND Canadian Botanical Association

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