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Re: Child Care Service and infant care room at CSEE-CBA 2023

Hello CSEE-CBA 2023 attendees:

The local organizing committee is in the process of organizing a temporary Child Care Service at the Convention Centre, so that parents will be in the same building (and same hallway) as their children. If you are interested in using this service, we need basic information on the number of children and their ages, so that we can determine how much space and how many caregivers are needed.

Can you please take a minute to complete the following Google Form if you are considering using this service? This form also enables you to indicate your interest in having access to a breast-feeding room, regardless of whether you are using the Child Care Service.

Thank you!

EDI team, CSEE-CBA 2023 Winnipeg


Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution AND Canadian Botanical Association

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