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Call for Proposals for Symposia

and Workshops

The local organizing committee (LOC) for the joint annual meeting of CSEE and CBA is accepting proposals for symposia and workshops. Please submit a proposal using the form found at this link.

The window to submit a proposal is: November 15 - January 15, 2023

Workshops and symposia may be proposed by self-organized groups of CSEE/CBA members or supported by a Standing Committee/Section. If your workshop or symposium is supported by a Standing Committee or Section, make sure to indicate the name of the Committee/Section on the form.

The LOC expects symposium organizers to explicitly state how their topic and the selection of speakers enhances inclusion, representation, decolonization, and the furthering of diverse perspectives at the meeting or in our discipline. We also ask for the date of the symposium organizer’s terminal degree, so as to encourage submissions by early-career investigators.

We encourage topics that bridge interests of both societies, Canadian Botanical Association and the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution. When possible, consider ways to broaden the taxonomic focus of the symposium or workshop.

We encourage workshops and symposia that will take place in-person. However, we will consider proposals for topics that would be effective or benefit from a virtual environment or facilitate access to people who would be unlikely to attend otherwise.

Each symposium should fill either a 90- or 180-minute period and traditionally consists of either six or twelve 15-minute presentations, so that people can easily move between concurrent sessions. A self-organized symposium may have up to two 30-minute talks. Symposia supported by Standing Committees or Sections have more flexibility in determining the length of talks to be consistent with what they have done historically. Workshops can be 1-2 hour; 1/2 day (3-4 hr); or full day (6-8 hr).

All speakers, organizers, and any other essential personnel must have confirmed their willingness to participate to the symposium or workshop organizer before the proposal is submitted. Before submitting the on-line form, please submit an Excel file to the conference email ( with names and tentative talk titles for all speakers. Label the file “YourLastName_Symposium” / “YourLastName_Workshop”.

Most workshops will take place on the first meeting day (June 11), although some (e.g., short lunchtime workshops) may take place on other meeting days (June 12-14). Conversely, most symposia will take place during concurrent sessions on June 12-14, although exceptions will be considered, especially for Standing Committees that traditionally hold a symposium on the first conference day. Indicate your preference or options on the form.

The LOC reserves the right to add related contributed presentations to certain symposia, or to plan a contributed paper session that complements a symposium.

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Important Dates

Appel de propositions de symposiums et d’ateliers

15 novembre au 15 janvier

Inscription anticipée

16 février au 10 avril


11 au 14 juin 2023

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Call for Proposals for Symposia and Workshops

November 15 - January 15

Early Registration

February 16 - April 10


June 11-14 2023

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