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CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID-19 Policy and Code of Conduct

 The Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution and Canadian Botanical Association (herein CSEE-CBA) are jointly hosting their Annual Conference this June, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Such gatherings are in accord with local government orders and public health guidance. CSEE-CBA is committed to hosting an event that reduces risks for all participants; to this end the organizers expect all attendees to comply with the safety precautions specified below.

The local organizing committee’s (LOC) COVID-19 Safety Committee has modified the ESA-CSEE 2022 COVID Code of Conduct, considering the best scientific information available as of March 2023; this policy is subject to change prior to the conference pending new information.

CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID-19 Protocols

  • Masks

Masks will be required while indoors at the RBC Convention Centre, except for brief periods when eating and drinking. Masks are required to be worn at all times during the scientific components of the meeting, for both oral and poster presentations. An exception can be made for presenters who are free of COVID-19 symptoms, have tested negative on the day they present, and are over 2 m from the closest audience member. In this case, the presenter may remove their mask immediately prior to their presentation and replace it before returning to the audience. During poster sessions, food and beverages will be available in an area of the Exhibit Hall that is separate from the posters to reduce risks to poster presenters and other delegates. Masks are required to be worn by both presenters and attendees in the poster presentation area.

Masks will be required when arriving at other indoor conference venues and only removed when eating or drinking or when outdoors. These events and venues include but are not limited to the opening reception at the Winnipeg Art Gallery/Qaumajuq and the Public Plenary at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Masks are required when travelling in vehicles provided as part of the conference, including on buses during field trips and on the conference shuttle service.

To maximize your safety and the safety of other conference delegates, we encourage you to wear masks when in other indoor public spaces while travelling to and during the meeting.

  • Floor Plan

In collaboration with staff at the RBC Convention Centre and other conference venues (Winnipeg Art Gallery/Qaumajuq; Canadian Museum for Human Rights; and other venues), the LOC and venue staff will develop floor plans to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission to the best of our abilities. Depending on options available at each venue, this may include increasing the distance between chairs; adhering to certain room capacities, confining the consumption of food and beverages to a particular area, or offering a specific area for conversation away from food and beverage where individuals are expected to remain masked.

  • Ventilation

The RBC Convention Centre has been recently updated and accordingly has high ventilation standards. Indoor ventilation will be monitored throughout the meeting using CO2 monitors. Portable HEPA-filters or Corsi-Rosenthal boxes will be added to rooms should levels be deemed unsatisfactory.

  • Rapid testing

Four COVID-19 rapid tests will be given to participants upon conference registration, and additional tests will be available if requested. Participants are asked to rapid test every morning before eating or drinking anything, and to take an additional test later in the day if needed due to the onset of even a mild symptom. A combined throat and nasal swab has been shown to be more effective than a nasal swab alone. We ask people to notify the LOC COVID-safety committee if they have a positive COVID-19 test. If a person tests positive, we will try to give them an option of presenting remotely such as by pre-recording a talk that will be played to the audience. If a presentation has to be canceled, we will refund 50% of the paid registration.

  • Vaccination

Participants are strongly encouraged to be maximally vaccinated, but there is no vaccination mandate for the 2023 meeting.

CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID Code of Conduct

By acknowledging these protocols and signing the form shown below when registering at the meeting, I hereby acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID Code of Conduct:

  • I am aware of the existence of COVID-19, and that my participation in an in-person meeting may cause injury, illness or death to myself and/or my family.

  • The symptoms of COVID-19 vary from person to person and depending on the variant. The most common symptoms are: sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, a dry cough, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, temperature equal to or more than 38°C, feeling feverish, chills, fatigue or weakness, muscle or body aches, new loss of smell or taste, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, feeling very unwell. I will take a rapid test following the onset of any potential COVID‑19 symptom, no matter how mild.

  • I will not attend the meeting if I have tested positive on a rapid test, even if I am not experiencing symptoms. If I have tested positive with COVID-19 within the 14 days preceding the meeting I will not attend unless I have no remaining symptoms from the list above, and have tested negative on two rapid tests, taken at least 24 hours apart. I agree to promptly report a positive COVID-19 test during the meeting to the LOC COVID-safety committee.

  • I will wear an appropriate mask while indoors. My mask will cover my nose and mouth and can be described as an N95, KN95, CA-N95, respirator, surgical or multi-layered mask. If I am orally presenting my research and over 2 m from the closest audience member, I can remove my mask while speaking. I may otherwise remove my mask briefly for eating and drinking, and I will resume wearing a mask promptly when finished. During poster sessions in the Exhibit Hall, food and beverages will be available in an area that is separate from the posters. If I am eating or drinking, I will remain in the area where refreshments are allowed and wait to browse posters or approach poster presenters until I am finished and masked. I will only approach posters while masked. I will similarly adhere to this mask policy when attending events at other conference venues, including but not limited to when using vehicle transportation including field trip buses and conference shuttles, the opening reception, public plenary (even if I see members of the public not wearing a mask), and the closing event.

  • Behaviour. While at the event, I will follow all health and safety protocols as required by the facility and CSEE-CBA.

  • Expenses Due to COVID-19. I acknowledge that I am solely responsible for all costs related to COVID-19 virus prevention and mitigation, including medical care, extended hotel stays, changes in travel arrangements, and any other expenses related to COVID-19.

  • CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID-19 Code of Conduct form. I agree to sign a form with the following statement when I register in person at the conference in June:

I have read and understand and agree to comply with the CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID Code of Conduct. I further understand that violating any portion of the CSEE-CBA 2023 COVID Code of Conduct may result in removal from event activities without warning or refund, and may result in exclusion from attending future events. These rules apply to me and to any other person (e.g., a companion or child) accompanying me to conference events as part of my registration.

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